Financing Options

Financing Options


Financing Options

Financially, India is an emerging economy that is famous for its many financial services and products. These financial solutions are discussed below:. Banks. India has many public and private sector (private) banks. Public sector banks are known as having fixed rate of interest on loans, whereas private sector banks offer various financial products, such as loans, debentures, securities, derivatives, and interest rate lock options.

Stock Market. India is one of the fastest growing investor in the world, especially in the stock market. The market is also known as the wealth management industry of India. As per the latest statistics, the share value of Indian companies has increased more than 5 times in the past few years. Investing in the share market can be the safest way of building wealth.

Corporate Finance. India is one of the major contributors to the globalisation process. As many companies from around the world have their head offices in India, a significant role has been played by the Indian private sector in the advancement of global corporate finance. Indian firms have shown a series of growth and success, making them a leading force in the global corporate finance field. For instance, there are more Indian firms that are included in the Top 200 Most Financial Stocks in the World. Some of the major players in this segment are Bajaj Allianz (India), Bharti Airtel (India), Reliance Communications Limited (India), Tata Group (India), Videocon Systems Limited (Australia), ThyssenKrupp Access (Netherlands), Eros Communications (France), MTN Solutions (South Africa), Unitech plc (India), ICICI Bank (India), Morgan Stanley bank (US), HSBC bank (India).

Commercial Finance. India has emerged as a significant provider of offshore finance. Offshore finance is one of the most preferred financing options for large and mid-sized businesses in the world-class financial analyst will get a wide variety of finance options to choose from. Some of the finance options available are CIF financing, bridge financing, syndicated capital, reverse finance and so on.

Finances. A career in commercial banking is very rewarding as the finance industry offers you a wide variety of job opportunities and is highly competitive. There are no limits to growth as a finance analyst in the finance sector. There are multiple positions available in bank, securities houses, financial institutions and so on.

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